Cooperation between cts and EP-TeQ on AIV-sector for Electronic production industries in Nordic/Baltic/Benelux area

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We are proud to announce that the companies cts (
AIV.html ) and EP-TeQ ( start a close cooperation on the AIV (Autonomous Intelligent
Vehicles) sector in electronic production industries.

Both companies have many years of experience in electronic production and are well known in market.

With the combination of these two strong players, companies in Nordic/Baltic/Benelux area have now the
ability to have AIVs introduced in their factories with the excellent support and service from EP-TeQ.

As the products of cts are mainly focused on the automotive and electronics industry, and EP-TeQ is enormous
experienced in setting up production lines in these industries, the customers gain now on the combination of
these experience and technologies.

“We are really happy about this cooperation with EP-TeQ, we got a trustful partner. Together we will
strengthen our common market position and bring even more high quality products to our customers all over
the world” says Alfred Pammer, Head of Factory Automation at cts.

“I am proud to have found such a strong and experienced partner like cts, together we benefit from each other
and can satisfy our customers even more” says Lars Kongsted-Jensen, Director at EP-TeQ and adds, “The well
proven and reliable base module and the complete fleet control is a good match for the very quality conscious
customers in our area”.

cts, founded in 2006, has over a decade of system integration expertise. The company is headquartered in
Burgkirchen an der Alz, Germany, and maintains currently 11 additional locations, employing more than 350
people worldwide. It also offers a global sales and service network, ranging from Mexico to South Korea. As
specialist in fixed and mobile robotics, cts supports customers in optimizing their production with modern,
innovative solutions.

For further information please contact Alfred Pammer on +49867991689170.

EP-TeQ A/S deliver tools and machines with added value for all electronics processes - Design, Manufacturing
and Quality Assurance, assisting you throughout your investment process: Before - by working with you on the
requirement specification and configuration. During - by helping you select the required tools/machines and
training. After - by providing you with service and support in order to ensure optimum quality and reliability.

For further information please contact Lars Kongsted-Jensen on +4520983730.




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