The "System of Systems" - Global and real-time.

CTS: enterprise:inmation

In modern production facilities, a large amount of data is continuously generated for the most diverse tasks: real-time data, alarms/events, performance data, key figures, enterprise:inmation enables the exchange and historization of all this information. With modern visualization (reports, diagrams,dashboards, KPIs, etc.) you always have your data in view.


enterprise:inmation one system - extremely scalable



The system is extremely scalable - from a single application to a globally distributed infrastructure. Regardless of the system topology, centralized system management is always guaranteed - minimizing the need for maintenance even during operation. The high consistency of the data will ensure you support redundancy concepts, as well as through a powerful replication.

Our services for you

  • Real-time data infrastructure: interfaces,tunneling, security, redundancy, data archive, replication
  • Powerful script language Lua supports distributed structures
  • Complete central system management
  • Extensive integrated diagnostic functions
  • All industrial interface standards are supported
  • An infrastructure for many types of information - not only time series
  • Extremely scalable: interfaces, storage, IT-Integration
  • NoSQL database for high performance and large data volumes
  • Simple license model based on the number of logical CPUs
  • Modern platform-independent KPI representation