Toolbox Inmatro®

Customized solutions for your production environment. 

CTS: Toolbox Inmatro®

Our Toolbox Inmatro®, adapted to your specific requirements, is the ideal basis for a successful optimization of your production. All Toolbox Inmatro® modules can be operated individually or combined in a modern web platform.


Our Toolbox Inmatro®, adapted to your individual environment, is the ideal basis for an successful optimization of your production.



They offer a uniform look and feel and can be integrated into your Active Directory. We let your plants, machines, infrastructure - your assets - talk. Give us a task, we will implement it!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Role-based user administration
  • Easy and flexible to expand
  • Web based, also for mobile devices
  • Encrypted data storage possible
  • Active Directory connection
  • Uniform look & feel
  • Core data maintenance for all modules

Selection of our services for you


  • Digital Permit to Work is adapted to your forms and processes provides you with a high degree of security and quality in your day-to-day business.     The convenient evaluation options provide you with a perfect overview of the history of these activities, enabling you to identify trends and measures.
  • ItemTracing vmanages items, such as Barrels, etc. a barcode scanner captures them and provides the necessary data. You always have control and know the location of each item.
  • Maschine-Monitoring-System (MMS) is a realtime software for the automatic acquisition and management of machine data. The MMS provides you with evaluations and graphics, with key data of your production such as cycle time, set-up times, downtimes, overall equipment efficiency (OEE) at a glance.