When can we make a promise to you?

CTS: References

Our customers in the process industry come from a variety of different branches, but most of them from

  • Chemicals,
  • Oil & Gas,
  • Petrochemicals and
  • Pharmaceuticals

or they are plant supplier for these industries.

Especially some of the "Big Players" in our reference list are customers from the beginning. They have started to believe in the safety of our promises with the foundation of our company and they still do it, because we have justified the trust through the quality of our work. Today we take pride in having them among our most loyal regular customers.

The same also applies to the manufacturing industry, where - parallel to the end customer business - we are designing and implementing robotic projects worldwide for one of our key accounts since years ago now.

We are permanently associated with our customers,
because they appreciate the certainty of our promises.

Our clients at a glance