S130iA Sale Package

IMM-Sale Package

CTS: S130iA Sale Package

Precision injection molding with flexible robot handling


High precision electric injection molding

Roboshot is the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in injection molding machines, with higher precision and reliable injection molding capabilities than ever before. Roboshot's proven performance makes it the perfect solution for cleanrooms and other injection molding environments that require precise process control, high injection speeds and consistent repeatability.


Roboshot's AI, mold and ejection protection, and injection molding machine preventive maintenance features keep plastics processors running smoothly. Roboshot can warn the operator before problems occur, resulting in more effective maintenance, fewer repairs, and less downtime for both the machine and the mold itself, and its user-friendly functionality means you can use these features with minimal training.

With High Response (HR) Control, you can choose from eight different modes for pressure transfer to optimally shape the part. For thick-walled parts, HR control excels at preventing sink marks. For thin-walled parts, it prevents warpage and improves wall thickness uniformity.


With no oil supply, filtration or disposal, the Roboshot is the energy-saving "green" machine that helps reduce operating costs. It is designed to reduce energy consumption by 50 to 80%, with repeatable and precise cycles that are 5 to 50% faster compared to hydraulic machines.


Together with the 6-axis robot removal handling, you gain maximum flexibility that goes far beyond the simple removal of parts. Whether destacking in blisters and boxes, with/without intermediate layers or loading the machine with high-precision parts to be overmolded - with the robot-based solution from cts you can handle a wide range of tasks.


Take advantage of our special conditions for the S130iA action package ex works now.



Further options and individualizations possible on request!

Detailed information on the included option packages can be found on our website!


Would you like to benefit from our financing offer or do you have any other questions about our injection molding solutions? 

Then contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you directly, quickly and personally.  

Our contact details:

Phone:     +49 (0) 8679 91689 110

Or via mail to factory-automation@group-cts.de , Subject „IMM“



S130iA action package ex works consisting of


  • - Fanuc Roboshot S130iA, screw diameter 32mm Highly wear-resistant, IS 330mm/s
    • Extensive Fanuc option package consisting of:
      • Extended clamping unit +100mm
      • 3-color signal lamp
      • Machine status signal (8 additional outputs, 21 outputs standard)
      • Increased contact force (3t)
      • Air ejector 3-fold
      • Automatic lowering mode
      • Dosing during mold movement
      • switchover to start-up data set
      • External bad part signal
      • Hot runner interface (SPI protocol)
      • Clamping force display (software) and clamping force sensor (hardware)
      • 8Height adjustment for spring molds [Auto Die Height with spring].
      • Ceramic heating tapes, D36mm
      • Euromap 63 (BDE interface)
      • Rear Gate Interface
      • Linear guide (plate support)
      • RFID Option (Device/Covermodification/Software/IC Card)
    • B-Option package consisting of:
      • Funnel flange set GT size 3 (100/130t 150SMALL INJ D32-40mm)
      • Moxa Converter, STANDARD set
      • HUB-Unit
      • I/O-Link
      • Nozzle tip M24x1.5 (Arburg), L~52mm, inlet Ø8mm, SW 27mm
      • Special nozzle adapter 26-68 Nozzle M36x4 / M24x1.5 Arburg, Lg 112mm
    • C-Option package consisting of:
      • Cable drag
      • Hot water hose
        • 5x connections to FAP: 1x supply and 1x return each
        • 5x connections to BAP: 1x supply and 1x return each
      • Set of connection blocks for temperature control units incl. counter side
        • Aluminum anodized
        • 1x mounted to FAP max. 6x flow /6x return per block
        • 1x mounted on BAP max. 6x flow /6x return per block
        • 2x mounted on opposite side below
        • connections 3/8 inch
        • with labeling
      • distribution plate 10x 3/8" to 1x 3/4"
    • Extraction handling consisting of:
      • Fanuc LR-Mate
        • DCS
        • ProfiNet-Interface
      • Enclosure including integrated control cabinet
      • Supporting base frame
    • Conveyor belt with 3m length incl. push button for manual advance
    • Complete CE




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