Smart warehouse

Smart in-production warehouse
CTS: Smart warehouse

Our storage solution - perfect combination to AIV/AMR systems.

The cts Smart In-Production Warehouse is an effective
in-production storage solution which enables you to
significantly reduce the occupation of valueable shopfloor space by manually placed/stacked PCB-Magazines.
Additionally, this solution adds more traceability to
your material and eliminates the need of searching for
magazines manually.
The structure is modular and offers the ability to be
customized to your needs. At its core an innovative
space-saving gripping system is moving and ensures an
effective input and output in ratio to the storage area.
This concept offers the possibility to store PCB-Magazines
but is also not limited to that, there is also a version available, modification is possible, e.g. store KLT-Boxes for additional material as reels or other material.

SMART WAREHOUSE: Easy storage for your in-production

Advantages at a glance

  • Modular structure
  • Customizing to your needs
  • Saves valueable shopfloor space
  • Full Traceability

How it looks? Works?

Different views of our smart warehouse.

Modularity and space saving continuous at the Import/
Export ports which can be placed in various positions at
one side. The ports cover only one storage place.
At each port Import and Export is possible as well as a
dedication of a port to a certain functionality which
offers a maximum on flexibility. During Import the
PCB-Magazine is automatically identified with an optional
connection to external database to gather all required
additional information needed – and during export the
information can optionally be cross-checked.

The Input/Output ports are equipped with an
mechanical and software interface for AIV (Autonomous
Intelligent Vehicle)/AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot),
to enable fully automation of the material flow and the
optimale useage of the capability of the Warehouse.
As long-term experts on the topic of autonomous
transports, this was the next logical step. cts provides open
interfaces to connect to any system – fully dedicated
to Industrie 4.0 / Open Connectivity. The transport of
your products is perfectly done by AIVs like RGMZ-type
provided by cts.


See it in action


The software of the Warehouse is – as already known
from our AIV-Framework – fully modular and equipped
with an Open Connectivity REST-Interface to enable a fast
and easy connection to MES and ERP systems. cts uses a
web based HMI system, which allows you to control and
monitor the device as per your needs. The Algorithm
for Import/Export/Optimization can be influenced by
configuration of criterias.

With one management software in place you can manage
multiple warehouses and it is the main hub for integration
into your management system.
With this combination of Warehouses and AIV/AMR Systems,
cts is providing a modern, complete and fully connected
Solution for effective transportation and storage
of PCB-Magazines and KLT-Boxes to their customers.




Number of I/O-Ports: 2

PCB-Magazine places (355x320x568mm): 414


Number of I/O-Ports: 3

PCB-Magazine places (355x320x568mm): 543


Number of I/O-Ports: 3

PCB-Magazine places (355x320x568mm): 681


Number of I/O-Ports: 3

PCB-Magazine places (355x320x568mm): 879


Number of I/O-Ports: 3

PCB-Magazine places (355x320x568mm): 1101



Contact our experts with any questions
or schedule a consultation.

Phone:     +49 (0) 8679 91689 110


Key facts:


Smart warehouse at a glance


Different sizes available
     Range from app. 8,5m(l)x3,5m(w)
x4,5m(h) to 20m(l)x4m(w)x4,5m(h)
     Storage capacity range from app.
200 to 1100 Magazines
(Virtual/Real filling level, Status, Requests, KPIs, etc.)
Customization possible:
     Number of I/O-Ports
     Other magazine types
     Usage as KLT-Storage
     Different identification modes


CTS: Smart warehouse
CTS: Smart warehouse
CTS: Smart warehouse
CTS: Smart warehouse


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