Visual Inspection


CTS: Visual Inspection

KITOV AVI complete system – AI-based:

Automatic visual inspection for final assembly

The biggest disadvantage of manual visual inspection is that people make mistakes or get tired, so defects get into finished product packaging or integrated systems. When these defects are discovered at a later stage, often by end customers, users or consumers, it is too late and very costly to fix them. The cost of poor quality (CoPQ) in these cases is significant. These include the cost of returns (RMA), rejects, rework, and in many cases the negative impact on brand reputation and end customer dissatisfaction.

See it in action


Together with our partner ATECare, we offer KITOV ONE, the first smart 3D universal system that can effectively inspect virtually any product. Using advanced 3D computer vision algorithms and artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning, KITOV ONE achieves unprecedented levels of recognition and eliminates the tedious work and inconsistent results associated with manual inspection. KITOV ONE supports complex 3D structures, numerous materials, and complete inspection specifications.


Questions about our Inspection solution?

Then please contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you directly, quickly and personally.

Our contact details:

Telephone: +49 (0) 8679 91689 110

Or by mail to , keyword „KITOV“

Gladly also via our partner ATECare:

Telephone: +49 (0) 8131 318 575 -120

Or by mail to




  • Elimination of human error analysis through robot-assisted image acquisition
  • Artificial intelligence for the interpretation of fault recordings (data analysis)
  • Inspection of 3D surface defects on various materials, labels, 1D and 2D barcodes, markings (OCR, OCV), screws, connectors, terminals, presence and alignment of (THT) components, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface: Short programming times from CAD data and/or 3D scan
  • No prior knowledge of programming, optics or robotics required
  • Teach-in and debug process possible during ongoing production
  • Ideal for high product mix and small or medium volumes
  • Offline or inline connection with transport system and integrated lifting and rotating mechanism
  • Connection to smart factory environment, QMS and EMS systems
  • Software tools for data analysis and quality control


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