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cts Bergmann

CTS: Metall Processing

Expansion of the cts group

In order to extend the value chain in the company cts GmbH,

we were able to gain a new partner in metalworking.

Hans Gehringer, as owner and managing director, has taken over the metalworking company

Bergmann Metallbau GmbH & Co KG as of 1.1.2020.

We can already look back on many years of cooperation with the Bergmann company.

Due to the local proximity, the direct access to the very good personnel and the technical

know-how (especially in the field of laser technology, stainless steel and steel construction).

process flows are optimised.



Our partnership with Bergmann Metallbau


Laser technology





Laser cutting refers to a cutting process with which metallic and non-metallic materials of different thicknesses can be cut.

The basis for this is a laser beam that is guided, shaped and bundled. When this beam hits the workpiece, the material heats up so much that it melts or vaporises. The entire laser power is concentrated on a point that is usually less than half a millimetre in diameter.

If more heat is coupled in at this point than can flow out through heat conduction, the laser beam penetrates the material completely - the cutting process has begun.

While other processes use massive tools that exert enormous forces on the sheet metal, the laser beam does its work without contact.

This means that neither the tool itself wears out, nor are there any deformations or damages to the workpiece.


TruToops Boost Software



We have the TruTops Boost software for designing and programming laser, punching and bending machines.


Cutting with laser technology

Information text:

  • Cutting of black steel, high-alloy steels & non-ferrous metals (aluminium)

  • Steel up to 25 mm

  • Stainless steel (V2A & V4A) up to 20 mm

  • Aluminium up to 12 mm

  • Cutting of large format panels 1500 x 3000 mm





Machine data:

  • Trumpf TruLaser 3030

  • 5 kw

  • Cutting accuracy 0.05 mm

  • Cutting gap 0.15 mm



Stainless steel & steel construction



Information text:

  • Years of experience in the manufacture of stainless steel structures for use in the food filling industry.

  • Surface treatment for any application

  • Fabrication of steel constructions


Data of the machines:

  • Welding methods WIG, MIG & MAG Qualified employees with welding certificates + welding specialist


Folding & guillotine shears



Information text:

  • Manufacture complex edging parts up to 3 m long (6mm steel & stainless steel up to 10 mm for aluminium.

  • Dimensional cutting via guillotine shear 3 m length

  • (up to 10 mm steel, 6 mm stainless steel & 12 mm aluminium)





Data of the machines:

  • EHT CN controlled press brake

     3 m width, 150 tons pressing force

  • EHT guillotine shear 3 m pick-up



Sawing & Drilling



Information text:

  • Cutting to length of solid materials and profile steels to an accuracy of 0.5 mm

  • Drilling and punching up to Ø 45 mm





Data of the machines:

  • Band saws

  • Pillar drilling machines

  • Hydraulic punching machines



Contact cts GmbH


Brunnhuber Rudolf

cts GmbH

competence for technical solutions

Fuhrmannstraße 10

84508 Burgkirchen Germany

Phone: +49 8679 91689-150


Contact Bergmann Metallbau





Grundner Michael

Bergmann Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG

Lessingstraße 1

84508 Burgkirchen Germany

Phone: +49 151 16 21 37 69



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