Calibration service, field service and EMCR-breakdown service.

CTS: Calibration

We offer you a wide spectrum suburb calibration with DKD/ÖKD certified reference gauges for GxP and non-GxP relevant process constructions. The calibrated indicators reach from simple temperature applications to print applications ( process prints and Cleanroom pressure monitoring and control), to the point of analytic parameters like conductibility, pH, ozone, UV-measure. TOC etc. Permanent training guaranteed a high safety, professionalism and accuracy our technican.

Long-term calibration experience with a wide range of knowledge.

cts Field Service & EMCR-breakdown service.

Rapid, flexible, resilient and reliable. That's the properties which are essential for a smooth implementation in process automation. Therefore the cts GmbH offer a vendor- neutral implementation service. Our target is to maximize the availability and for this reason the crop of a process construction. Trust us for our long-term experience and wide range of knowledge of our experts. Our EMCR- breakdown service provides you with a hotline an expert who helps 24/7. For your perfect support around the clock.

Our services for you

  • Scheduling, schedule optimization and coordination.
  • Measure parameterization and documentation.
  • VDE check, Ex-Acceptance (Checks based on VEXAT).
  • Measure protocols of all kinds (grounding, measurement, Fieldbus-Analysis etc.)
  • Evaluation of your plant regarding reliability and spare inventory.
  • Our EMCR support take care of your requests directly on site.
  • Gratitude to our EMCR Hotline, we offer you help 24/7.