Basis for Industry 4.0

Data acquisition & data evaluation

Digital processes generate huge amounts of data in companies that grow daily. In order to successfully manage a company and make the right decisions, detailed insights into the many different processes are necessary. This means that companies are now faced with the challenge of aggregating the large volume of data, managing it and evaluating it.


Data – why is it important and how can it be collected?
The collection of data, such as machine data or process data – ideally in real time – forms the basis for Industry 4.0. This is because the decentralized collection of data and digitization of corporate processes allow the physical and digital worlds to be linked. Networked machines and plants hold great potential for resource-optimized production processes. This is because an analysis and interpretation of the real-time data enables potential for improvement to be identified across sectors and potential sources of error to be detected at an early stage.

However, if data is collected without a clear strategy, this may increase costs and energy consumption due to data storage, but not efficiency. Therefore, a targeted and systematic collection and management of data is immensely important. It forms the basis for an increase in productivity, innovations and saves resources and energy.

Advanced Solutions – the partner at your side
We implement comprehensive integration solutions for our customers. We analyze your company data and optimize, together with you, your production parameters. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your needs. In doing so, we make your process and production data available in the company – as compressed as possible, as detailed as necessary – globally and in real time.

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  • Advanced Solutions
    benefit from our expertise in the pharmaceutical/life sciences, oil & gas, chemical, energy, and manufacturing industries.
  • enterprise:inmation
    The system helps companies build a real-time infrastructure for holistic monitoring of all collected industrial data.
  • LoopAnalyzer
    Our development enables you an automatic controller performance monitoring. In other words, regular monitoring for maximum performance
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