Optimizing your process with our solutions.

CTS: Robotics & Smart Factory

Our modern industrial robots can be used in nearly all industry sectors. According to your individual wishes, requirements and applications. Our possibilities reach from palletizing, handling, processing up to complex manufacturing steps below those Industries: electric, solar, foundry and forge, wood processing, metalworking and plastics industry. With our long-term experience, we accompany you as system integrator through the whole process.

Faster and obviously cheaper.
Benefit from cts robotics.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Improving and optimizing your manufacturing process.
  • Quality improvements through mechanical accuracy even by the millionth repetition.
  • Support in increasing the throughput of production lines.
  • Cost reduction by process optimization.

Our services for you

  • Process analysis, consulting and concept compliation.
  • Integration and design of robot cells.
  • Turn-Key-Installation of robots (ABB, Adept... )
  • Safety analysis, Process- and cycle time optimization.

Mobile robots are the key to more flexibility.

The costs for transport and delivery of goods can amount two-thirds of the total production costs. If you use human labor for delivering goods from A to B, productivity and performance will be lost. The solution is the mobile robot Lynx. It optimizes your costs in view of the typical waste effects of conveyor belts. Lynx uses its own navigation-software and is designed for environments, where people are moving- for example close corridors and halls. Lynx is especially suitable, where the use of a small automated vehicle is advantageous.