Dual Arm Robot

The collaborative Dual Arm Robot.

CTS: Dual Arm Robot

The Dual Arm Robot is ABBs vision of the future and will strongly change the small subassembling. It's a revolution of human and machine collaboration and will open new possibilities. With the collaborative robot, you will come up to your requirements of a modern, flexible production in your industry. This robotic solution includes flexible grip-hands, pieces delivery systems, camera-based parts recognition as well an efficient and powerful robot-controller.

Your advantages at a glance

  • First real collaborative robots to directly interact and work with people.
  • Safe movement & execution of the small subassembly on confined space.
  • Less size ratio, because no safety device needed.
  • Optimized part recognition by an integrated vision system.

Our services for you

  • Reconstruction of cells to integrate the Dual Arm Robot.
  • Planning, integration and commissioning in your production.
  • Integration into cts inmatro® Machine Monitoring & Track’n’Trace.