3D CPS Bin-Picking

For the selective grab into the bin.

CTS: 3D CPS Bin-Picking

The fully automated grip- and extraction process of chaotic lying pieces out of a container. It's perfect for charging production machines. Our jobs are these complexes tasks. After years of development and optimization, we have successfully reached the use of the 3D CPS in the hard industry. 3D CPS - "Control & Picking Solution" - is a combination of 3D picture processing system and innovative robotic control for the targeted " Bin picking".

Your advantages at a glance

  • Reduction of cost intensive manual presorting and assembling.
  • Reduction of sound pollution by omitting vibrating plates.
  • Downtime reduction while product changing.
  • Seamless integration in your production infrastructure.

Our services for you

  • high reliability by laser supported triangulation system.
  • 3D-analyses-algorithm for the identification of the seizable parts.
  • Safe calculation of collision free path for the workpiece transport.
  • Connection to a robotic system by TCP/IP-based interface.