Recognized norms and standards

We develop and produce according to recognized, certified norms and standards. The certifications are independently verified in audits on a regular basis. This way we can guarantee you high quality standards and tested processes.

We prove through the ISO 9001 certification that all standards in the areas of quality, safety, energy, health as well as environmental protection are adhered to at all locations.

To prevent occupational accidents, work-related injuries and illnesses, cts 2007 SCC(P)
“Safety Certificate Contractors” introduced.

Sustainable management and the impact of a company on society are summarized and assessed under the term “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR). We have successfully undergone this assessment since 2013.

In 2023, we demonstrated our commitment to social responsibility and environmental protection in relation to our supply chains and received the Ecovardis bronze medal .

Our company buildings are also regularly subjected to an energy efficiency assessment in accordance with EDL-G 16247-1 in order to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.

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