Creation of new, modern manufacturing capacities

The semiconductor market continues to grow enormously. Almost every device contains microchips, and the high demand poses huge challenges for the semiconductor industry. In addition, ever higher demands are being placed on manufacturers of the base material, silicon wafers, in terms of both quantity and quality.

cts specializes in the field of wafer handling, storage and packaging, offering solutions to increase and create new, modern production capacities.

cts packaging solution for transport containers (FOSB)
The packaging of FOSBs is often done manually. The process is subject to the strictest criteria and is very complex. cts offers semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for packing FOSBs. Our bagging tools significantly increase throughput and offer a considerable increase in quality.

Cleanroom transporter
This mobile robot is suitable for transporting products between cleanrooms of different classes. The cleanroom attachment can be individually adapted to your transport goods, six 200 mm wafer boxes can be stored and.

cts warehouse and mini warehouse for transport containers (FOSB)
The cts Warehouse and cts Mini-Warehouse, familiar from the electronics industry, are available for the semiconductor industry for storing packaged FOSB in a carrier. Depending on the version for clean room environments up to class ISO6, cts offers a space-saving storage solution with full traceability!

Among other things we offer
these solutions:

Storage and buffer solutions
The cts Smart In-Production Warehouse is an effective storage solution for production. It allows to significantly reduce the occupation...
MMS Material Management System
The cts Smart In-Production Warehouse is an effective storage solution for production. It allows to significantly reduce the occupation...
Mobile robots (AMR/FTS) in production
We at cts offer you a driverless and autonomously navigating transport system. The modern industrial robots can be used in almost all...
supply with the SOTO
With our partner Magazino and their supply chain robot SOTO we expand our AMR range for even more transport capacity! The SOTO brings...
Modula automatic storage systems
Modula offers automated picking and storage systems that replace traditional warehouses and racks, making picking faster, more efficient...
sloXis Middleware
The heart of your smart intralogistics. Production processes in industry must become increasingly flexible and efficient. To achieve...
Front Opening Shipping Boxes (FOSB packaging for short) & semiconductors from cts: The correct packaging of raw wafers for transport...

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