Pulp Handling

DeWiring Robot Bale

CTS: DeWiring Robot Bale

Automatic dewiring of single pulp bales

The cts DeWiring Robot for single pulp bales is a fast, and cost-efficient dewiring solution with the need of low space and energy consumption. This fully automatic, high-capacity solution removes all wire configurations at rates of up to 90 bales/h. If a lower range of capacity is needed, a low-capacity version is available – with the option to upgrade it to full capacity later on!


DeWiring Robot  removes all wire configurations

Regardless of the numbers of wires, their location on the bale or the size of the bale, the solution operates safely and efficiently to remove any wire configuration. The cutting procedure produces minimal wrapper waste and provides fast and easy exchange of cutting tools and winding crowns.


See it in action


Fast dewiring solution

The DeWiring Robot is a fast dewiring solution for single bales. Rates of up to 90 bales/h can be achieved when cutting the commonly used 2 + 1 wire configuration. This high capacity is due to an optical system with automatic wire matter recognition instead of pure tactile usage with parameter sets.

An alternative version with only a tactile wire recognition system in combination with a recipe is available for lower capacity requirements. If capacity needs to be increased, it is easy to upgrade it to a full-capacity version.




  • Cuts all wire configurations
  • Fast dewiring solution
  • Automatic position recognition
  • Safe wire handling
  • Quick installation and start up
  • Multiline support possible
  • Low energy needed (low air consumption, no hydraulic)

Safe wire handling

The wires cut from the bales are handled safely by automatically forming into a compact coil - no more long or loose wires which lead to the risk of injury.

But the DeWiring Robot not only reduces  risks for operators, it also ensures a smooth,  efficient process for handling cut wire. This well-proven solution can be combined with the also available DeWiring Robot for Units.



Quick installation – Green- and Brownfield

Cts DeWiring Robot can be planned into a new line or easily retrofitted into an existing line. The solution is delivered as a ready-to-use unit designed for fast installation and start up.


Technical specifications DeWiring Robot – BALE



DeWiring Robot - BALE





Up to 90 bales/h*

Up to 45 bales/h*

Wiring detection



       Upper/Lower Wire

Fully Automatic

Manual via Recipe

Supported conveyor height

800-1150 mm***

800-1150 mm**

Installed power

4 kW

4 kW

Net weight

3,2 t

3 t

Multiple conveyor line support possible:

Yes, 2 lines

Yes, 2 lines

Required air supply



Required flow, min.

0.4 Nm3/min.

0.4 Nm3/min.

Air consumption

0.002 Nm3/bale

0.003 Nm3/bale

Min./Working/Max. pressure:

5/6/8 bar

5/6/8 bar

Bale specification****




700-1000 mm

700-1000 mm


580-900 mm

580-900 mm


350-650 mm

350-650 mm

Bale weight (max)

500 kg

500 kg

Max. Moisture



Max. Uneveness



Wire specification




Ø 1.8-4 mm

Ø 1.8-4 mm

Ultimate strength/Wire tension

500-1250 N/mm2

500-1250 N/mm2


* Depends on wire configuration

** No extraneous light allowed

*** Depends on Bale height

**** usable range differs (depends on bale spec. and environment)


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