Pulp bales and pulp units

The robotic solutions from cts offer new possibilities compared to the classic pulp bale and pulp unit dewiring: This starts with the fact that the system for dewiring pulp bales – the DWR-BC – adapts to different wiring of pulp bales without programming. This is made possible by the use of a camera system that detects the positions of the individual wires and transmits them to the robot. Cutting is carried out on the top of the bales, which means that they do not have to be rotated.

For companies with lower capacity requirements, we have a smaller solution in our portfolio – the DWR-BT system.

Low energy consumption and small footprint
The systems operate with purely electromechanical drives and require a connection capacity of 4 kW. Without pneumatics or hydraulics, the required footprint remains correspondingly small, and since no fluids such as hydraulic oil are necessary, the sensitive pulp is protected from contamination.

Among other things we offer
these solutions:

Full Auto
matical unwiring (bale/unit)
Unwiring robot - UNIT is a fully automatic solution for unwiring of bale units. It is an integral part of a complete solution for achieving...

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