Modernization of medium-voltage systems

Medium-voltage systems are an important part of the power supply. They transport electricity from the power plants to the low-voltage grids that supply households and companies with electricity. However, medium-voltage systems are often outdated and therefore need to be modernized.

The modernization of medium-voltage systems offers a number of advantages, including

  1. Improved reliability: Modern medium-voltage systems are more reliable than older systems. They are less susceptible to failures and are therefore better able to maintain the power supply.
  2. Reduced operating costs: Modern medium-voltage systems are more efficient than older systems. They consume less electricity and therefore cause lower operating costs.
  3. Improved safety: Modern medium-voltage systems are safer than older systems. They have modern safety features that reduce the risk of accidents.
  4. Increased flexibility: Modern medium-voltage systems are more flexible than older systems. They can be adapted to new requirements, such as the integration of renewable energies.


The different methods of modernization

There are various methods for modernizing medium-voltage systems. The most commonly used method is retrofit modernization. Retrofit modernization involves integrating new components into the existing system. This can improve the performance, reliability and safety of the system.

Another option for modernizing medium-voltage systems is replacement modernization. In the case of replacement modernization, the entire system is replaced by a new system. Although this method is more expensive than retrofit modernization, it also offers more advantages. A new system is generally more reliable, more efficient and safer than an old system.

The decision as to whether a retrofit modernization or a replacement modernization should be carried out depends on a number of factors, such as the age of the system, the condition of the system and the requirements of the operator.

The modernization of medium-voltage systems
is an investment in the future. It offers a number of advantages for the operator in the form of lower operating costs, improved reliability and increased safety.

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