Bending slack parts

Unique solution for handling flexible textiles

Our many years of experience in handling and assembly technology is the basis for the development of custom-fit, innovative solutions! The reliable processing of flexible parts is still one of the greatest challenges in the automation of textile industry applications. For the welding of lumbar belts, we have developed a system with a specially designed gripper.


How the plant works
The lumbar belts consist of various individual textile components. Depending on the end product, these must be placed on top of each other according to a specific pattern.The specially designed grippers enable the textile parts to be picked up and assembled reliably by an industrial robot. The individual textiles are then welded together.The robot removes the finished product to make it available to the operator in a finished parts magazine for removal.


All advantages at a glance:
  • Fully automatic handling
  • Increase quality and throughput
  • Relieving the burden on employees

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