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Anywhere, anytime, for everyone: real-time business performance

In modern production, a multitude of data is continuously generated for a wide variety of tasks: real-time data, alarms, events, performance data, key figures, etc. We, cts GmbH, are partner and co-developer of enterprise:inmation and thus enable the exchange and historization of all this information. With modern visualization (reports, charts, dashboards, KPIs, etc.) you always have your data in view.

The current situation in the industry
Industrial production is becoming increasingly networked with modern information and communication technologies. On the basis of intelligent, digitally networked systems, manufacturing that organizes itself will become possible. Here, people, plants, factories, logistics and products communicate and cooperate directly with each other.
However: to reconcile these elements, a unified and flexible system is needed to ensure the real-time flow of information across the enterprise.
And this is exactly where enterprise:inmation comes in.


enterprise:inmation: One system – one solution

The system helps companies build a real-time infrastructure for holistic monitoring of all collected industrial data. The goal is: to reduce the total cost of ownership through ever greater networking. The scalable software adapts to your requirements and is able to integrate machines and components regardless of manufacturer.

It is software that reaches from any data source to the “enterprise cloud”. It also provides secure and efficient network tunneling, address space consolidation and computations of any scale.

Software developed by industrial systems integration experts

The ever-growing customer base consists of national and international companies in various industries, including pharmaceuticals/life sciences, chemicals, oil and gas, energy and utilities, and specialty machinery. The software is expected to finally close the gap between IT and OT and give the company new insights into business performance. With enterprise:inmation, you can not only increase the ease of use for future system integrations, you will also have lower effortand costs in setup and maintenance.

enterprise:inmation: Your advantages at a glance

The software is minimally invasive. It therefore relies on existing systems with digital interface and can be easily adapted to them. In addition, the management software follows a highly scalable approach in which it can be freely decided at which levels which systems are integrated into the overarching real-time backbone. The resulting data world forms the basis on which information can be scaled in real time and used as needed. From enterprise management to the individual production line, across locations and with any device.

Hard Facts: enterspise:inmation is …

Flexible and compatible
Connectivity covers an area-wide spectrum: OPC Classic, OPC UA, ODBC, web access, structured files. Connection across any number of network boundaries is possible. Connecting to all old, current and future upcoming production systems is no problem.

Unlimited and freely customizable
It is a system that is extremely widely scalable – from a single application to a globally distributed infrastructure. Both horizontally and vertically scalable. Any number of Core and Connector services is possible, as well as any number of data sources. Based on a NoSQL database for easy storage scalability.

Adaptable and safe
It ensures consolidation of any number of data sources and any data type. It provides OPC server to be able to integrate 3rd party products. Any size is possible – from a single machine to any number of CPUs. There is centralized operation of all security aspects of the system and role-based access through configurable profiles. It allows partner access from the outside through defined virtual namespaces that contain only the necessary data. It is compliant with OPC safety specifications.

Made for technical analysis
Trend analysis for historical and real-time data is no longer a problem. Also the integration of alarms and events. You get an overview of a whole process or insight into the single event.

Bringing together the entire data source network

It breaks down the isolation of system components that only a few specialists use. Easy setup of remote connector services and connection of previously inaccessible data sources are guaranteed. Access to data source network takes place through a central management system. In other words, data is made accessible – at any place, at any time and on any device. This allows you to put real-time and historical data into context.

A gap filler between IT and OT

Improve operational efficiency through intelligent, networked production systems. And bundle data communications across all business units. This allows you to achieve complete information continuity within your organization.

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