Carton Unpacking Line

Industrial robot for demanding environmental and cleaning conditions

The process of unpacking in the foodindustry is often still taken over by employees. The physical strain and associated sick leave should not be underestimated.


AuIt is also crucial to prevent product injury and thusThe unpacking process must also prevent damage to the products and thus contamination of the foodstuffs. Our designers and programmers know the special requirements and legal regulations in the food sector and plan the systems accordingly.

For the unpacking of butter and cheese blocks we have developed an automated solution, the cts unpacker. Special, adapted to the food industry and its demanding environmental and cleaning conditions, Industrial robots are used here!

Functionality of the cts unpacking system
A whole pallet of cartons is placed on the infeed line. The pallet is conveyed to the first central unit, depalletizing. Using innovative camera technology and software developed in-house, the packing patterns of the cartons on the pallet are automatically recognized.

The industrial robot communicates with the camera system and receives the coordinates of the carton. The robot picks up the carton by means of suction pads and delivers it to the cutting unit. The cts Software calculates the exact cutting edges and cutting depth from the detected image points for safe and damage-free opening the carton.The carton, which now has predetermined breaking points, is completely opened by the suction gripper unit.The carton is then transferred to the ejector unit. to the rejection unitThe unpacked product is then fed to the discharge conveyor or palletizing unit.

The empty cartons are pressed into space-saving waste form by a dedicated compression unit and discharged. This allows the waste to be collected into designated containers without the need for a space-consuming removal unit using an ascending conveyor.

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All advantages at a glance:
  • Fully automatic processing of different packing patterns
  • Fully automatic calculation of the cutting edge
  • No product contamination
  • Significant increase in throughput AND quality
  • Complies with food standards
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Videos and more info:

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