Foil rolls

World's largest 6-axis jointed-arm robot

Plastic films are used from packaging for food or electronics to adhesive tapes, floor coverings and credit cards. For one of the leading manufacturers of films, cts has developed a highly flexible, fully automatic packaging and palletizing system. Up to 3,000 rolled-up films with unit weights from 10-kg to 1.5-ton rolls are packed daily. To be able to achieve this, the world’s largest 6-axis jointed-arm robot from Fanuc, with a load capacity of 2.3 t, is used.


The cts robot ballet

The system is an interplay of several 6-axis industrial robots, some of which move on additional traversing axes.

In the material feed, pallets of different sizes, depending on the packing pattern, are provided to the robot. Another industrial robot on a traversing axis removes various auxiliary materials, such as cardboard boxes, washers, etc., depending on the packing pattern, and assembles them on a rack called a “shopping cart”.

Depending on the roll size, either a heavy-duty industrial robot with a payload of up to 2.3 tons or a medium-sized industrial robot takes over attaching the packaging materials to the rolls. The finished pallet is then transferred to the subsequent strapping and wrapping units. For special pallets, there is the option of manual finishing by the operator before the pallet is strapped and wrapped.

At the end of the process, another robot takes over the labeling of the pallet, which is then discharged and made available for pickup by a forklift.

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All advantages at a glance:
  • Fully automatic packing pattern creation
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase in packaging quality
  • Relieving the burden on employees

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