Highspeed small parts for multitool tools

Fully automatic production of multitool blades

For the production of blades for electric (oscillating) multitool tools we offer a ready solution, the BSA. This enables the fully automatic production of multitool blades or oscillating saw blades. There are different recording systems, which fit directly to the mold and allow the production of a wide range of at types of blades (e.g. e.g. wood, tiles, etc.). The BSA welds the holder to the respective blade shape fully automatically.


The high-speed precision movement is capable of processing different exposures. The necessary setup work could be reduced to a minimum. This is achieved by an ingenious shape of the nests on the rotary indexer, which can be changed quickly, easily and precisely.

Fully automatic separation by camera technology
The BSA offers fully automatic separation by means of camera technology and space-saving ejection for threading onto a goods carrier.

Production flow of the BSA

  • The camera system detects the components and transmits the exact position to the highly dynamic 4-axis industrial robots.
  • The industrial robots grab the respective part and place it in a nest of the central rotary indexing table.
  • The components are centered, positioned and fixed in the nest
    Verification is done by sensor technology.
  • In the next station, the components are welded together.
  • Parameter monitoring takes place in the welding unit, is transmitted to the central PLC
    and evaluated there accordingly (IO or NIO).
  • The finished parts are again removed and placed on product carriers by a highly dynamic 4-axis robot. The components are threaded on and can be discharged from the system without stopping.

The advantages at a glance

  • With a component-influenced cycle time of an incredible three seconds, precise welding of components is achieved with high reliability as well as production and quality stability.
  • The innovative threading concept ensures enough buffer for the finished welded blades parallel to the bulk bins of the raw products to achieve a high autonomy time.
  • Thanks to its compact design, the BSA has a small footprint.
  • Very short setup times due to the low number of setup parts and intelligent setup concept.
  • With the BSA, throughput can be significantly increased while ensuring consistently high quality.
  • As a matter of course, we also offer optional software packages for the sustainable recording of quality-relevant data and for maintaining full traceability.
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