The Loop Analyzer

Regular monitoring for maximum performance

Monitoring the control performance during plant operation plays a decisive role in the life cycle of control loops. Targeted planning and focused implementation of measures for maintenance, servicing and adjustment of the control loops are made possible by the transparency of the performance of all control loops in the plant. Despite their complex and powerful functionality, modern automation systems do not work or repair themselves – human monitoring and intervention are still necessary.

However, personnel and plant engineers today have less time available to focus on such work during their operational routines. As a result, the considerable potential for higher plant performance and product quality remains untapped. This is where our innovative solution for you comes in – the LoopAnalyzer!


Effective: How the LoopAnalyzer works

With the LoopAnalyzer developed by us, we enable you to monitor controller performance automatically. Not only can it be easily integrated into the control system, it also provides deep insights into the dynamics of all PID control loops.

Thanks to its sophisticated functionality, it provides a well-structured overview of all control loop components and allows a quick drill-down to perform a detailed root cause analysis.

Intuitive: Where can the LoopAnalyzer be used?

The LoopAnalyzer provides a quick and structured overview of the quality of the control loops in a plant – in other words, it enables real-time analysis. The areas of application are diverse.

The benefit is not only a higher product quality, certain aging processes or malfunctions can be detected very early. It is even possible to perform preventive maintenance, so to speak.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Monitoring, analysis and diagnostics for all aspects of control loop performance
  • Exposure of technical problems in the control infrastructure and process technology
  • Central platform for optimization tasks
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Platform for planning maintenance activities
  • Condition-oriented maintenance

Individual: Our service for you goes even further

However, our services by no means end with the delivery and installation of the LoopAnalyzer software. Thanks to our many years of broad-based expertise in automation technology, control engineering and process engineering, as well as in software development, we are able not only to offer customized analyses, but also to derive consequences at an early stage and develop appropriate measures. Training in control engineering topics, parameterization and tuning of control systems as well as user training for plant personnel and operating engineers are also integrated in our scope of services.

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Product advantages:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency across the entire plant
  • Improvement of the control performance
  • Increase yield, throughput and plant availability
  • Reduction of process disturbances
  • Identification of possible problems on sensors, valves and controllers

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