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With mularis, you don’t just get a framework, but a comprehensive solution that takes your company management to a new level. Our system offers a wide range of functions, from user and role management to standard modules such as certeXo, the digital release bill. In addition, mularis supports your business processes with individual modules that are specially adapted to your requirements.


Use mularis as a central framework for our products certeXo, qls, MeXelert and Shiftlog and seamlessly integrate various applications to increase the efficiency of your work processes.

Modular user and rights management

With mularis, you retain control over users, roles and rights in your company. Manage access rights precisely down to module level and adapt them to the specific requirements of your organization. Thanks to the integration of Active Directory (AD) and other login providers, mularis offers flexible login options for your users, whether with a classic user name/password system or via AD.

Comprehensive company management

mularis goes beyond conventional functions and enables the effortless organization of company and product information. You have control over materials, the entire infrastructure including buildings and levels as well as a flexible shift module for customizing and creating individual shift models. With mularis, companies can organize their resources efficiently and optimize operational processes.

Configurable audit trail and alarm module

mularis relies on transparency and security through a configurable audit trail. Track every change, monitor user activity and retain full control over your system. The integrated alarm module makes your company more secure by integrating external systems and notifying you immediately in the event of critical incidents.

Flexible as a stand-alone solution or in the cloud

Decide for yourself how you want to use mularis. Choose between a stand-alone solution to retain full control over your data or a cloud-based solution for more flexibility and scalability.

Individual modules according to your requirements

mularis grows with your requirements and offers specialized modules such as energy billing, financial management or production support. We also support you with customer-specific adaptations to ensure that mularis is a perfect fit for your company.

With mularis you have control over your company administration. Discover the benefits of a powerful framework that integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and gives you the freedom to run your business more efficiently. Get in touch today and see how mularis can transform your business.

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