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Dispensing SPECT, PET and radio-treatments into open vials is a critical process. Minimizing the chance of contamination as well as avoiding any diffusion o f the product is the main focus.

This is adressed by regu- lations in terms of restricting the usage of closed vial filling processes. This makes the open vial dispensing process even more important. With the cts OVD – the Open Vial Dispensing System – we put this process on a new level.


Robots from different manufacturers often have to work together. The problem with this is that each manufacturer has its own non-standard master control software or fleet management. These are not compatible with each other, direct cooperation of AMRs is not possible. In addition, ideally all machines and robots should be bundled in one software, so that the MES/ERP systems have only one point of contact.

The key functions at a glance:

  • Automatic open vial dispensing process
  • Filling of up to 100 vials/h
  • High accuracy dispensing with self-calibrating scale ( ± 1 ul)
  • Optimized shape for laminar flow
  • cGMP compliant
  • Disposable steril box
  • Easy to operate
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For installation in:

  • Class A insulator
  • Shielded cells
  • equipped with
    laminar flow
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