Volume supply with the SOTO

Just-in-time and completely autonomous

With our Partner Magazino and their Supply Chain Robot SOTO extendn we our AMR range for even more transport capacity! The SOTO brings materials just-in-time and completely autonomous to the assembly line and Reacts Flexible to a changing demand. Picking cart or tugger trains the SOTO can Replace completely respectively interact with them.


The SOTO transports different KLT sizes and weights and is operational up to 20 hours a day. It can be flexibly configured, relieves employees and works together with machines, vehicles and workers.

Different KLT sizes and weights, high transport capacity

SOTO can grip classic small load carriers weighing up to 20 kg. The KLT sizes vary from 300 × 200 × 80 mm (L × W × H) to 600 × 400 × 320 mm. The handling of the different sizes can be done from the right, from the left or from the front. With the double-loadable internal rack, SOTO can transport between 8 and 24 KLT at the same time – depending on the container sizes.

Flexible gripping mechanism

The rotating gripper from SOTO makes it possible to rotate KLTs of different sizes by 90° or 180°, e.g. KLTs with full loads can be discharged on the long side and empties can be picked up again on the short side. The grab is also flexible in terms of height: transfer takes place at heights between 40 cm and 160 cm above the ground.

Omnidirectional drive

SOTO can steer its two drive wheels individually and thus drive in any direction – without cornering. Precise maneuvering is thus possible even in the tightest of environments. This also makes it possible, for example, to “dock” sideways onto a shelf without prior maneuvering.

Safe navigation through laser scanner and 3D obstacle avoidance

Certified laser scanners at the front and rear enable SOTO to navigate freely at up to 1.5 m/s. They also guarantee safe operation in parallel with people and vehicles. Depending on how close an obstacle comes, SOTO reduces its speed to a stop or looks for an alternative route.

Some obstacles cannot be detected at laser scanner height, e.g. the forks of a parked forklift truck. 3D scanners monitor the space in front of and behind the SOTO to detect any other obstacles.

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