Semiconductor packaging

Quality improvement and safety during packaging

The packaging of raw wafers for transport to a semiconductor plant (FAB) is a complexprocess and is subject to the strictest criteria. cts offers semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for packing FOSBs. Our Bagging tools significantly increase throughput and offer a considerable increase in quality and safety during bagging.


The FOSBs are identified by RFID, as is common in the semiconductor industry. The required parameters are requested from the host system via SECS/GEM interface. Based on the information received, the tests, packaging and labeling are carried out.

Our fully automatic solution for packing the FOSBs
For the packaging process we have developed the fully automatic solution “ABT”. The packaging machine, the test chamber, the robots and all other components are placed in a complete cell.This has an infeed conveyor for the unpacked FOSB and an outfeed conveyor for the packed FOSB.

A large number of optical quality checks as well as labeling (including checking the print) and folding/gluing of the bags are carried out completely in the ABT.

Advantages of the ATB

  • Increase efficiency
  • Significant reduction of the error rate
  • Quality increase
  • Relieving the burden on employees

The ABT is perfect for high throughputs.

Our semi-automatic solution for packing the FOSBs
Occasionally, smaller quantities or test batches have to be packaged, but these must be packaged to the same high quality. The semi-automatic packaging tool “MBT” is the ideal solution.

The employee handles the feeding and removal of the FOSB to the MBT. The packaging process runs automatically. The insertion and removal from the test chamber is carried out by the employee at the MBT.

Our Smart Logistics solutions for material handling
Both the transfer of the FOSB to the infeed conveyor and the pickup at the outfeed conveyor do not have to be done manually. Thanks to the material logistics solutions from the cts Smart Logistics portfolio, it goes without saying that a fully autonomous, automated transport process is possible without extensive conversion work in existing environments.

Do you need a temporary storage solution? Here, too, we can supply the right system from our portfolio.

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