sloXis® Middleware

The Heart of Your Smart Intralogistics

The production processes in the industry must become increasingly flexible and efficient. To do this reach come AMRs of various weight classes and designs are are used and take over the internal flow of materials.


Robots from different manufacturers often have to work together. The problem with this is that each manufacturer has its own non-standard master control software or fleet management. These are not compatible with each other, direct cooperation of AMRs is not possible. In addition, ideally all machines and robots should be bundled in one software, so that the MES/ERP systems have only one point of contact.

Our intelligent data hub between AMRs, fleet managers, production machines, MES and ERP
Our cross-platform middleware sloXis® combines all elements, starting with AMRs from different manufacturers with different functionality, through small buffers to the smart warehouse. The software is openly designed in order to be able to connect and integrate further participants in the best possible way and to form the central interface to the MES/ERP.

Using native interfaces to different manufacturers as well as core functions of the open VDA5050 standard, the middleware unites various AMR from different manufacturers in a heterogeneous fleet. The integration of conventional floor conveyors, production machines, fire alarm systems, peripheral devices is possible without any problems.

Take control of your goods distribution into your own hands
With SmartSignalManager in sloXis, you can configure your automatic material flow between manufacturing processes on a graphical, web-based interface.

Reporting and dashboard functions
You always have an overview of the currently running and planned orders everywhere. The sloXis reporting and dashboard functions show you optimization potentials and increase the efficiency of your intralogistics. You also have access to all transport processes for evaluation and tracking.

sloXis® – the central hub for information
Thanks to its open API, the sloXis middleware communicates with higher-level ERP / MES third-party systems almost by itself. You can simply transfer information from the sloXis data pool or you feed in e.g. driving orders. The possibilities are almost unlimited – with state-of-the-art communication methods such as REST and MQTT!

Everything in view with the “Universal Map
The “Universal Map” is a virtual map of your production environment.

Not only does it provide you with an overview of all transport robots and other road users, it also gives you all the relevant data on your machines and equipment in real time with just one click.

Safety in case of fire
In order to be able to define fire protection zones and escape zones of the AMR individually for your production, sloXis® connects to the fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, the AMRs are directed via the Universal Map.

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Product advantages:

  • Central interface to MES/ERP
  • Multifleet operation
  • Access from any device (mobile/desktop)
  • The mobile store floor at a glance

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