Modula automatic storage systems

Think Vertical, Think Modula

Modula offers automated picking and storage systems that replace traditional warehouses and racks, making picking faster, more efficient and more economical. With Modula, the concept of “goods to person” can be realized, i.e. the products reach the operators and not the other way around (as it is still the case in warehouses with traditional racking systems).


The Modula warehouse lift simulates a movement comparable to an elevator. The operator uses the copilot console to retrieve the goods for retrieval. Modula knows in which tray the different items are located and lets the corresponding carriers “go down” directly in the operating opening, so that they are ready for removal.

The Modula warehouse lift is equipped with trays with a load capacity of up to 990 kg. Here, spare parts, products, packaging and crates can be stored with a space saving of up to 90% on the floor, in safe conditions for the items and operators.

Modula Lift

The automatic vertical storage system with beams

Modula Lift is the ideal solution for storing industrial products, semi-finished products, spare parts and all kinds of items in any industrial environment and department. The automatic warehouse lift is suitable for companies of any size and can be customized to meet individual needs. With a height of up to 16.1 m and a total payload of up to 90,000 kg, up to 90% floor space can be saved, and warehouse management costs can be reduced.

Modula Slim

The compact warehouse lift

With its depth of 1.6m, the Modula Slim is not only suitable for industrial environments, but also for smaller businesses such as stores, workshops, pharmacies or points of sale. All kinds of materials and products can be stored: loose parts, containers (boxes, crates and tubs, containers), small parts, spare parts, spools, flasks. The Modula Slim offers the advantages of a warehouse lift in the footprint of a warehouse paternoster! Different models and sizes are offered, the gross payload is possible up to 25,000kg, the height can range from 2,400mm to 7,000mm, the depth is 1.6m.

Modula Pallet

Store pallets safely, efficiently and ergonomically

Modula Pallet automatic storage system is designed for safe, efficient and ergonomic storage of 1200 × 800 mm Euro pallets. However, loose articles, cardboard boxes and KLTs can also be stored.

Modula Pallet is suitable for mixed storage: Some carriers are used for pallet storage, others use the lift technology for storage of other materials. In this case, there is a separate pick point for pallet management and another one opposite for standard picking.

Depending on the model and configuration, a gross payload of 35,000 to 90,000 kg is possible, and the height can range from 3,300 mm to 16,100 mm.

You want to automate the material supply by Modula Lifts directly or at a later date? The AMR systems from cts flexibly connect the Modula storage systems with your production. We have AMRs for various payloads in our program, which take over the fully automatic transport of KLTs, magazines up to pallets.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the automation of production processes, we are able to develop an individual solution for each customer. cts offers you the know-how for a successful and trouble-free integration into new and existing production environments.

Take another step towards Industry 4.0 and increase the productivity of your production and logistics processes while reducing error rates and improving material traceability!

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