Storage and buffer solutions

Space-saving and close-to-production storage with our Smart Warehouse

The requirements in terms of flexibility and product variance are steadily increasing, more demanding material flows require efficient solutions! Our intralogistics experts accompany the transformation of your production to the “Smart Factory”.


cts Smart Warehouse

For efficient production, it is crucial that the required goods are stored in a space-saving manner and close to production. Our Smart Warehouse Systems are an intelligent, modular and highly effective way to do this. At the core of the warehouse moves an innovative, space-saving gripping system. This ensures effective storage and retrieval. With our Smart Warehouse solutions you have the possibility to store magazines, FOSBs, trays or KLTs, traceable and fully automatically deliverable by means of AMR.

By significantly reducing store floor occupancy, valuable floor space can be saved in the production area. The storage capacities of the Smart Warehouse range from 400 to 1100 PCB magazines with a footprint of 8.5 m (L) x 3.5 m (W) x 4.5 m (H) to 20 m (L) x 4 m (W) x 4.5 m (H). The GrThe size of the Smart Warehouse can be adapted to your needs.

Modularity and space saving at the on/off storage ports
The on/off storage ports can be placed at different positions on a page. A port requires only one shelf. During storage, the PCB magazines are identified and optionally matched with the customer master data. When outsourcing, this information can be cross-checked again using Crosscheck.

The advantages of the cts Smart Warehouse at a glance:

  • Intelligent, modular and highly effective
  • Significant reduction of store floor occupancy due to high storage density
  • Automatic loading/unloading by AMR
  • Individual adjustments possible
  • ISO7 variant for FOSB bearing in the semiconductor sector

Our bearing solution for the perfect combination with AMR systems
The on/off storage ports have via a software interface for AMR. Thus, there is the possibility of complete automation of the material flow. We accompany you on the way to the Smart Factory and advise you on further possibilities to optimize your production.

Open connectivity
cts offers open interfaces to connect to systems. A quick and easy connection to MES and ERP systems is possible without any problems.

Mini Smart Warehouse

The cts Mini Smart Warehouse closes the gap to its established big brother. It is aimed at companies with a storage requirement of <300 magazines. With a footprint starting at 4.2 x 4.2 m, it is an efficient and space-saving solution that can be accommodated in almost any production facility. Flexible heights allow the available installation space to be used perfectly. The Mini Smart Warehouse is also suitable for decentralized storage solution.

The processes, software and handling are identical to the large smart warehouse.

Intelligent storage solution for clean room classes
The Mini Smart Warehouse is suitable for ISO 6 cleanroom class environments. This opens up new possibilities for an intelligent storage solution in more sensitive areas such as semiconductors and medical technology.

Options for expanding the mini smart warehouse
The Mini Smart Warehouse can be supplemented by another Mini Warehouse at any time. In terms of construction, this is possible on almost any side. Any number of warehouses can be linked together via a connection port. The storage solution flexibly adapts to your production!

Our mini buffers: the cts transfer stations
Despite innovative technology solutions, unexpected delays can occur again and again at production plants, which make it necessary to buffer again directly at the production line. In some cases, the processes themselves require renewed, minimal buffering directly on the line.

cts offers so-called mini buffers, which are also called transfer stations. These are available in various designs and serve as a short-term temporary storage area directly on the lines.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Optimizes the production process
  • Flexible
  • Automatic loading/unloading by AMR
  • Individual adjustments possible

Material stations for the AGILOX ODM

We have a special material station for the AGILOX ODM. It serves as a buffer between incoming goods and the production facilities. About our middleware sloXis, the material flow is controlled. This enables flexible, demand-oriented material provision and efficient order management. The Bosch ActiveShuttle transports ground rollers loaded with KLT from A to B quickly and autonomously.

Component roller bearings – the Smart SMT Warehouse

The Smart SMT Warehouse is the material, logistics and order picking center for all SMT component reels in electronics manufacturing. It offers an enormous storage volume in a very small space: more than 50,000 7″ rolls can be stored on a floor area of approx. 50 m². Of course with full transparency and traceability!

Intelligent picking and material supply
Intelligent, automatic picking, which is directly linked to the merchandise management system, the SMT lines and, if necessary, other systems, makes it possible to supply the material just-in-time. The material requirements of the production plants can also be processed automatically and without manual handling via AMR fleets.

All necessary thermal treatment processes are integrated
The Smart SMT Warehouse includes fully integrated MSL material handling. There is no need for external handling of MSL components through re-drying, dry storage and dry-pack packaging, this process is fully automated and integrated in the Smart SMT Warehouse.

The Smart SMT Warehouse can be equipped with climate zones for long-term storage of components.

Advantages of the Smart SMT Warehouse:

  • Highest storage packing density
  • Intelligent picking
  • Warehouse management and inventory system
  • Automated material supply
  • Integration of different climate zones possible
  • Flexible expansion concept
  • Integration of ERP/MES systems possible without any problems
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The advantages at a glance:

  • Modular
  • Customizable to your requirements
  • Space-saving
  • Core element for fully automatic line supply

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