Mobile robots (AMR/FTS) in production

Problem-free integration into production environments

AMRs of different sizes and payloads increase productivity in production and logistics processes while reducing error rates and improving material traceability. Through our broad knowledge in the field of. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), we are able to develop an individual solution for each customer. cts offers you the know-how for a successful and trouble-free integration into new and existing production environments.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Increasing productivity in production and logistics processes
  • Reduction of the error rate
  • Improved material traceability
  • Individual adaptations through multifunctional body variants
  • Can be used immediately, no structural measures required for orientation of AMRs

The modern industrial robots can be used in almost all industries. Entirely according to your individual wishes, requirements and areas of application.

We work with the following AMR base manufacturers:

  • omron (we are omron Solution Partner)
  • MiR
  • Bosch Active Shuttle
  • Knapp OpenShuttle Fork
  • Magazino SOTO

Different payloads, different transport options
We have AMRs in our program for different payloads. The fully automatic transport of KLTs, magazines to pallets is possible without any problems.

Die automatische Ver- und Entsorgung der SMT-Fertigungslinien mit Leiterplattenmagazinen ist ein typischer Anwendungsfall für den Einsatz autonomer mobiler Roboter. Unsere RGMZ-Serie ist perfekt darauf abgestimmt und in Kombination mit der automatischen Belieferung aus dem cts Smart Warehouse (oder ihrem eigenen zentralen oder verteilten Lagersystem) zu/von den Fertigungslinien/Puffern
erhalten Sie einen deutlichen Wettbewerbsvorteil.

Magazine transport
The automatic supply and disposal of SMT production lines with PCB magazines is a typical application for the use of autonomous mobile robots. Our RGMZ series is perfectly matched and in combination with automatic delivery from the cts Smart Warehouse (or your own centralized or distributed storage system) to/from the production lines/buffers
you get a clear competitive advantage.

Floor roller transport
In many cases, container stacks on floor rollers are used to supply materials in established manufacturing structures. These are mostly organized in stations, which are manually
be– and unloaded. With the Bosch Active Shuttle we relieve your employees by the complete automatic transport of the floor rollers up to 250 kg! Thanks to highly automated production and assembly lines, we can work with the Active Shuttle AMR can also transport the floor rollers directly into the machine – for end-to-end automation of the material supply process.

Pallet transport
Transporting pallets using AGVs has long been an automated process – but often in enclosed environments, classic warehouse environments. Within dynamic production environments, especially in mixed traffic with other participants, AGVs are increasingly reaching their limits. With modern AMRs such as the Knapp OS Fork, we offer a solution for automated transport close to production – highly flexible even for dynamic environments with different road users. Thanks to innovative lifting technology, in addition to floor-to-ground transport, the pickup/delivery of/an conveyor technology or pallet racks up to 1.2m height possible!

The right cts software components
The following applies to all use cases: Thanks to our cts middleware sloXis, the individual elements (AMRs, machines, storage locations …) can be easily and quickly connected and clearly displayed. This way you always have your production in view.

In addition, with our cts MMS, we offer software for managing your material on the store floor – whether in manual racks, floor roller conveyors or intelligent warehouses.

We accompany you through the entire project process
Our team is at your disposal from the consulting phase to commissioning and beyond. We work with you to determine the need for and scope of the desired automation. Based on this, you will receive an individual offer from us for the implementation, delivery and commissioning. Your employees will be intensively trained in the application by our experts. We also offer various service packages, such as 24/7 support. For maintenance and spare parts, we have a team of experts in house to provide you with expert support.

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